Royal Albartross London is a luxury golf shoe company that’s making its mark. Founded in 2007 by designer Alex Bartholomew, Royal Albartross London (RA) was conceived from her obsession to create the world’s finest golf shoe. The brand produces quality golf footwear and leather accessories in comfortable and stylish designs.

Known for blending classic British style with superior Montegranaro Italian craftsmanship and materials, RA’s footwear is finished with a signature orange sole. Each pair of Royal Albartross shoes features Italian leather, German stainless steel components, Japanese laces, and high-tech golf cleats from the United States.


What’s trending? It’s a question I get asked multiple times at every PGA Show. Seeing 12-15 vendors a day at the show, I should be able to throw a dart up and land on few common denominators.

But I hesitate to call them trends. The definition of trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing and there are forecasters who do this for a living. The best I can offer is an ‘observation’ that I hope becomes a trend, and that is sustainability.

It came in a few very different forms at the show, but it got me thinking about the golf industry taking a leading role in developing ways to balance nature with what our sport requires.

There are plenty of companies making shoes and clothing out of sustainable materials such as bamboo cotton or recycled plastic - all important to helping the prevention of choking our earth. But what are we doing to prevent those materials from ever reaching a recycle bin?

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